Lead Seal Set

Set includes: Lead Seal, Sealing Wire and Crimping Pliers

Product Overview

Pliers & Wire Security Seals are designed to discourage opportunistic stealing, to show evidence of tampering, and to prevent contamination or trafficking of smuggled goods.


Our Lead Seals are 99% Lead and the size is 10mm and sold per kg.


Our Sealing Wire comes on a 300m roll, are manufactured from galvanised steel and spirally lashed wire and are used with lead seals.


The Sealing Pliers are used to crip the seals into place, and can accommodate a die size of 10mm and a maximum lead seal size of 11mm. The handle length is 170mm and the weight is 375gms.


The Anvil can be personalised to your choice.


  • Lead Seal: +- 320-340 peices per kg
  • Sealing Wire: 1kg roll
  • Crimping pliers: 1 per carton

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